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Eden's Hollow, performance, 2017

Anna Pappas Gallery, Prahran, Melbourne

Duet 2016.

Bundoora Homestead Art Centre, Bundoora. From Under Construction, curated by Claire Watson. Video credit: Bundoora Homestead Art Centre

Barrow to Backwater 2014.

D11@ Docklands, Docklands. From the Gleaner's Archive, curated by Verity Hayward.


The Beehive 2014. Blindeside Gallery, Melbourne.

Monument to the last drop 2014.

Strange Neighbour, Fitzroy. From Seven Trumpets, curated by David-Ashley Kerr.

Requiem for Urban Ruin: The Lock-up  2013.

AIR Lock-up Cultural Center, Newcastle.

Relics of Utopia  2013. Gallery two, Seventh Gallery, Fitzroy.

Picnic at Pheonix Falls  2013. Incinerator Gallery, Moonee Ponds.

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